Chad Gosselin

Founder/Director/Guitar & Piano Instructor


Chad Gosselin founded the Commonwealth Music School in 2010 with the goal of starting a quality, contemporary music program near his hometown.  Growing up on the south shore of Massachusetts, he wanted to create the performance opportunities and culture he found lacking in his own experience.  With a focus on contemporary music, student-based learning, and community, the Commonwealth Music School has become the premier place to learn music on the south shore.

Chad Gosselin began studying guitar at the age of twelve years old, and holds a B.A. in Music Performance with an Emphasis in Education from the University of Massachusetts where he studied jazz guitar pedagogy under Jon Wheatley.  He has been playing professionally and teaching private lessons, ensembles, and songwriting since 2002 teaching hundreds of students over the years.

Chad is the singer and guitarist of the nationally touring indie rock-band, The Big Lonesome.   You can hear more of their music at:

Stefan Anderson

Guitar & Piano Instructor


Stefan Anderson is a pianist, guitarist and composer with experience writing and performing in classical, folk and rock styles. He received his Bachelor of Arts in music from Bennington College where he studied composition with Allen Shawn and piano with Yoshiko Sato, whose rigorous yet student-led teaching style made him a passionate pianist and also eager to introduce new students to the piano with a similar method. At Bennington, Stefan performed piano music from all different musical periods, including his own compositions, and received the John Hendrick Memorial Commission Award.

Recently, he graduated from Tufts University with a Masters of Arts in music composition after studying with local pianist/composer John McDonald. Throughout his classical training, Stefan has written and performed his own pop music for voice, guitar and keyboards. While playing such a wide variety of music, he has found that studying different styles on one instrument is an effective way of being introduced to new musical realms and instrumental possibilities that also foster more excitement and a sense of freedom in playing in the student. You can hear almost all of his music at:

Pat Speece

Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drum Instructor

pat speece resized.png

Pat Speece originally came to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music in 2005.  Now, with over 12 years of professional playing and teaching experience, he continues to have a passion for playing and trying to pass on that same passion in his teaching.  During his musical journey, including two cruise ship contracts, several musicals, over 100 weddings, and countless other shows and club gigs, he has picked up many other skills in addition to raw technique and musical theory that he is eager to share and pass on to other students and performing musicians. 

   Whether you want to play Bach, Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift or all of the above; whether you want to play the guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards, he is ready to show you the skills necessary to practice and perform and take your playing to the next level.  He has also worked for over 10 years hands-on as an ensemble director leading teenage students in rock band settings to perform and put on their own shows. He is looking forward to working with new students of all levels and interests!


Sam Smith

Guitar & Piano Instructor


Sam Smith is a dedicated teacher of both guitar and piano.  He began playing guitar at age 14, and went on to receive his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in 2015.  While there, he was able to study with guitarists Guy Van Duser and Rick Peckham.  Sam studied classical piano with concert pianist Elan Sicroff for 10 years, and he brings a breadth of experience with various classical traditions to his piano teaching.  On guitar, Sam specializes in both acoustic and electric styles, covering various styles such as rock, jazz, folk and r&b.  He also teaches songwriting and composition to students who are interested in developing their own music, having studied both crafts in depth in college. Sam believes in catering his lessons to the goals of the individual, as well as using popular songs to help with the learning process and with the overall the musical development of his students. 

In addition to teaching, Sam is an active performer within the Boston music scene, playing guitar with popular local acts Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles, The Amy Black Band, and Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel.  As a performer, he has shared bills with artists like Patty Griffin, Sonny Landreth, and James McMurtry.  He is also an active composer and songwriter, and has recently composed music for WGBH’s TV program Sing That Thing.  You can hear his music here:

Logan Defranco

Guitar & Piano Instructor


Logan DeFranco is a guitarist and singer-songwriter with experience playing a wide variety of musical styles. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business and a minor in Acoustics and Electronics from the Berklee College of Music. He has been playing professionally in his own bands as well as teaching students of varying degrees of experience since his teenage years in south Florida.

Logan is currently the vocalist of Brooklyn-based experimental metal band, Juan Bond, as well as the lead singer and guitarist of Boston-based alternative rock band, Strange Acquaintance. Logan also has interest in music production and has experience with a variety of music software such as Abelton Live and Logic ProX.

You can hear more of Logan's music at: