Josh has really taken the time to get to know Sean and his learning style, more so then Sean’s previous piano teacher. We are very pleased with the instruction!
— J.O.

All Levels, All Ages

At CMS, we strive to offer individualized music lessons based upon the goals, interests, and learning styles of each individual student.  However, we always keep our three core objectives in the heart of every lesson:



  • To foster a love of music
  • To teach expression and creativity through music as an art form
  • To teach proper pedagogy



We welcome students from all different backgrounds, and strive to have the most diverse staff as possible.  Whether you want to be Beethoven, Beyonce, or the Beatles, we can give you the knowledge and tools you need.

Lesson Length


At CMS, all of our private lessons are forty-five minutes in length.  From years of teaching hundreds of students, we have found this to be the ideal amount of time for a weekly lesson

Have multiple students in the same family?  Call us now at (781)985-6680 to ask us about our special family rates!


Spring Recital 2013 (11).JPG

Artist Development

As a result of our staff being comprised of working musicians, we offer our students a diverse wealth of knowledge on what its like to be a working musician, and how to achieve their own individual goals in music.  From how to book gigs, to forming a band, to songwriting and recording, our goal is take our students as far as they want to go. 

Performance Opportunities

Performing is a big part of learning to play an instrument, as well as learning how to express yourself creatively.  We hold annual recitals at the end of every year to give all our students a chance to perform for their peers.  In addition to the recitals, we host events throughout the year for our more advanced students.