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Chad Gosselin - Director/Guitar Instructor

Chad Gosselin began studying guitar at the age of twelve years old, and holds a B.A. in Music Performance with an Emphasis in Education from the University of Massachusetts where he studied jazz guitar pedagogy under Jon Wheatley.  He has been playing professionally and teaching private lessons for over ten years, teaching hundreds of students over the years.

Chad is the singer and guitarist of the Boston-based indie-rock band, The Big Lonesome.  They have been a staple in the New England music scene, with regular tours taking them around the east coast and parts of Canada.  In 2014, they released their debut EP, Undone.  Undone peeked at #14 on the Jambands/Relix Radio Charts, #142 on the AMA charts, and #108 on the AMA Internet Radio Charts.

You can hear more of their music at:

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 Stefan Anderson - Piano and Guitar Instructor

Stefan Anderson is a pianist, guitarist and composer with experience writing and performing in classical, folk and rock styles. He received his Bachelor of Arts in music from Bennington College where he studied composition with Allen Shawn and piano with Yoshiko Sato, whose rigorous yet student-led teaching style made him a passionate pianist and also eager to introduce new students to the piano with a similar method. At Bennington, Stefan performed piano music from all different musical periods, including his own compositions, and received the John Hendrick Memorial Commission Award.

Recently, he graduated from Tufts University with a Masters of Arts in music composition after studying with local pianist/composer John McDonald. Throughout his classical training, Stefan has written and performed his own pop music for voice, guitar and keyboards. While playing such a wide variety of music, he has found that studying different styles on one instrument is an effective way of being introduced to new musical realms and instrumental possibilities that also foster more excitement and a sense of freedom in playing in the student. You can hear almost all of his music at: